VISUAL-D - Visualization of Patient Data for easy management of care processes

VISUAL-D's primary goal is to give a comprehensive picture of patients’ condition, both in real-time and historical, using textual and graphical means, and to sustain, in a task-oriented approach and based on advanced decision support algorithms, the application of accurate treatment plans and actions. Furthermore, using protocols and timelines, in combination with the visualization of patients’ relevant medical data, VISUAL-D will help make interrelations transparent, in order to take precise medical decisions. Another important characteristic of the project is the fast development and reusability of medical templates, achieved through two significant modules: the Computer Interpretable Guidelines Engine and the Clinical Templates Designer. This set of tools will allow users to execute clinical protocols and guidelines that encode and organize the decisions and action tasks for the medical personnel and also to easily create medical templates by visually dragging and dropping controls that automatically associate with the data source. Based on the medical documents associated with a patient and on a complex array of business rules as a part of the current clinical pathway, the user will be presented with a number of alerts regarding patients, alerts that will include, amongst others, allergies status, high cardiovascular disease risks etc. Moreover, the alerts will suggest recommended actions to be taken as a consequence. During clinical pathway encoding and using the workflows designer and an advanced business rules engine, the user will have the possibility to define customized alerts, in order to receive all sorts of critical patients’ status notifications.